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The Verification Process

Accounts are selected for further verification at the discretion of the 2Checkout Loss Prevention Team. Some new accounts and accounts with a drastic increase in sales are subjected to the verification process, where selected orders are confirmed by our team. This process is typically done through voice verification with the end user of the service or product.

The verification process helps to ensure customer satisfaction, resulting in fewer refunds and bank-assisted disputes (chargebacks), and allows us to confirm the legitimacy of new accounts. This process is usually seamless; however, difficulty in verifying the status of your account can result in the delay of your payment.

While your account undergoes the verification process, you still have the ability to accept payments. All proceeds from sales will be placed in the pending balance of your account and released upon completion of this process unless fraudulent activity is found. Payment may be held for up to 21 days, however once orders have been verified, payment may be released earlier.

Important Note: If you are a merchant selling tangible goods, do not expect payment until 2Checkout confirms the receipt of goods shipped, and that these goods were received as per the terms advertised on your website. Delaying shipment until receipt of payout from 2Checkout is not a preferred, nor acceptable, business practice.

If you are a merchant selling intangible goods, such as service related products (e-downloads, hosting, etc.), you should not expect payment until 2Checkout confirms your services have been rendered.

Merchants who establish a new account within five (5) days of a payment cycle release date will not receive a disbursement of funds until the next payment period ends, approximately one (1) week.

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