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Setup Payments - EFT - Austria


Foreign Currency Electronic Funds Transfer

EFT payments are a free payout method to merchants’ bank accounts located in Austria. They are transacted in Euros and take between 1 to 3 business days to show in your account.


To set up an EFT, please enter the following information into the Banking Wizard:


Payee Name – This is the user name on the account that is in charge of this payment.

Pay to the order of – This is the name on the bank account

Currency – Euros will be selected by default and cannot be altered.

Release Level – See Article: Release Level

Bank Account Number – The unique number for your bank account

International Bank Account Number– the unique number that identifies your bank.

Bank Swift Code - unique 8 or 11 digit code that
identifies your bank

Bank Name – The name of your bank

Bank Phone Number – The phone number of your bank

Bank Address Line 1 – The physical address of your bank

Bank Address Line 2 – Optional: Use if more space is needed for your banks physical address

Bank City – City in which your bank is located

State/Province – State or Province in which your bank is located

Postal Code – Postal code for your bank

Bank Country – This will default to Austria and cannot be changed for this payment method


Once this information is entered, please check the “Payee Authorized” box and select Continue.


You will then be able to review the payout information, name the banking profile in your account, and set the payment method to live.




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