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Payment Profiles-Banking Wizard

Payment Profiles are how you can save payment options you can use to receive payouts from 2Checkout.  Payment Profiles allow you to create different profiles for each supported payment option, such as different payment methods, accounts, or addresses. You are able to edit, delete, or set a payment profile live in your account from the Banking Details page of your account. Additionally, your account can have up to three (3) payment profiles, so you can receive payment in multiple locations if you wish.

Log in to your 2Checkout Seller account and click the ‘Account’ tab on the homepage and then click ‘Bank Account’ from the Account menu, as shown here:

Bank Account.png

Your profiles will be listed under the Payment Profiles section located near the bottom of the page, as shown here:

Payment Profiles.png

To create a new profile, click on the ‘Banking Wizard’ button and enter the requested information for the payment method you select. When you finish setting up your payment method, you will be asked to enter a Profile Name on the Save Bank Account Profile page (optional) and click the ‘Save Profile’ button.

For more information on the Banking Wizard, please read the article located here.

Once created, this Payment Profile will be displayed on your Bank Account page and will be set as live. You can edit this profile by clicking on the ‘Edit’ link, which will route you back to the Banking Wizard to make your changes. You can switch Payment Profiles by clicking ‘Set Live’ under the desired profile on the Banking Details page.  Whichever Payment Profile is set as live is the Profile that funds will be delivered to.

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