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Using Frames with 2Checkout

Due to current credit card regulations, 2Checkout is no longer able to allow the purchase routine to be loaded with in a frame set. Because 2Checkout is the payment processor, it is necessary that customers be aware of all parties involved in the transaction process at the time of purchase. To correct this the 2Checkout purchase page will break out of a frame set if it is loaded inside of one. Attempting to load the 2Checkout transaction pages within a frame set will prevent them from working as intended and will generate a PE### error for the customer. If your site uses frames, you may still integrate with 2Checkout by using target='_blank' to load the 2Checkout purchase routine in a new window.

Example of an HTML form loading in a new window:

<form action='' target='_blank' method='post'><input type='hidden' name='sid' value='123456' ><input type='hidden' name='product_id' value='101' ><input type='hidden' name='quantity' value='1' ><input name='submit' type='submit' value='Buy from 2CO' ></form>

Example of a purchase link loading in a new window:

<a href="" mce_href="" target='_blank'> Test Product </a>

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