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Mark as Shipped

Mark As Shipped

    If you offer tangible products through’s standard integration, or if your cart utilizes your 2Checkout account’s shipping methods (such as WooCommerce), you are required to mark these orders as shipped to qualify associated funds for payout(s). Any tangible sale that is not marked as shipped will not deposit and therefore will not be paid out.


Please Note: Intangible sales and orders passed in without a shipping method using one of our third party cart parameter sets will deposit automatically and cannot be marked as shipped.


    To mark a tangible sale as shipped, access our Mark Shipping page by clicking the Shipping tab followed by the Mark As Shipped sub-category.


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    Finding Unshipped Sales


    You can search for unshipped orders on the Mark As Shipped page using the Find Sales tool on the right side of the page. You can refine the search by date range, sale number, or invoice number; we suggest selecting the Unshipped radio button and clicking Find Sales to locate all unshipped orders.






    If your search yields no results, select the Reauthorization radio button and click Find Sales. This search will locate any orders that require reauthorization before being marked as shipped. To reauthorize any orders found through this search, simply click the Reauthorize button.


    A pop up window will open allowing you to review the sale number, order date, and buyer for the order. In this pop up, click the ReAuthorize Card button again. If the reauthorization is successful, the sale will be transferred from the Reauthorization search to the Unshipped search results. To view and mark the order as shipped, re-run the unshipped search.


    If no results are returned on either search, your account doesn’t have orders that are in need of being marked as shipped.


    If the reauthorization fails, a failure message will be displayed in the pop up window. You may click the Close Window button to return to the search results page.




    Marking as Shipped


    The unshipped orders returned in your sales search should look similar to the order in the example above. To mark the order as shipped, fill the Tracking Number field. Please Note: If a tracking number is unavailable, please provide the shipping carrier name such as USPS, Fedex, etc. or the word None. You will be unable to mark the order shipped without information in this field.


    Next, select whether or not you wish to send an email notification that the order has been shipped. If you’d like to provide further details to the buyer, please utilize the Additional Comments box. To finish the order, click the Mark Shipped button to mark the order as shipped.


    The order will then deposit from the buyer to and reflect within your pending payment balance.


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