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Currency Settings

Currency Setting

You can use the Pricing Currency drop-down menu to select your account’s pricing currency. The currency you select will be the default currency that buyers will be using when purchasing products from your site.

To reach your Pricing Currency menu, first click on ‘Account’...


Then click on the ‘Site Management’ sub-tab…

Site Management.png

On this page, the Pricing Currency option will be in the middle column on the page, at the top of the ‘Checkout Options’ section:



When selecting a pricing currency, it is important to note because if you are using our Plug & Play cart, the product price will always be in your account’s selected currency. If you are using your own shopping cart or are passing sales in using our Hosted Parameter set, this will be the default currency unless you override it using the ‘currency_code’ parameter. After your desired pricing currency has been selected, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.



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