Knowledge Base - 2Checkout - Why does PayPal not appear as a payment option?

Why does PayPal not appear as a payment option?


Below are reasons as to why PayPal may not appear as a payment option during checkout:
  • You are processing demo sales - PayPal only appears during live sales. Review your account's Site Management tab to ensure the demo setting is "OFF" to ensure live sales are being submitted.
  • You are processing Sandbox sales - PayPal will not appear on Sandbox sales, as they are not considered to be live sales.
  • You are processing the sale using a currency other than: USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, or EUR. While PayPal supports additional currencies through its own payment system, the PayPal-2CO integration is limited to the five aforementioned currencies.
  • Your account is conditionally approved, meaning that a card-based sale must be submitted for your account's validation process to initiate. While conditionally approved, PayPal is unavailable as a payment option, and will become available after validation is complete.

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