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Why are my buyers being returned to the wrong URL?


If you are using our Plug-and-Play system, please check to see if you have an Approved URL set at the product level, as this URL will override the Approved URL you have set up on the Site Management tab.

If you are using shopping cart software, ensure that you have entered the correct Approved URL in the Site Management section of your 2Checkout account. You will need to contact your cart support provider to ensure that you are using the correct Approved URL and that you have selected the correct return method for your particular software.

Please note: Some shopping carts pass in the Approved URL "on-the-fly" using the x_receipt_link_url parameter. In these cases you must ensure the domain listed for your 2Checkout account matches the domain your cart is passing in for the Approved URL. We recommend that you seek assistance from your cart's support team if your cart is failing to pass in the proper value.


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The SITE MANAGEMENT approved URL is located near the bottom of the screen; scroll down to find locate it.  Note that the Approved URL in SITE MANAGEMENT is designed to redirect to any site and does not necessarily have to be the domain you are approved to sell from.


EXAMPLE 2 - Product Level Approved URL

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The Product Level Approved URL will always override the SITE MANAGEMENT Approved URL for the return process.  Product Level Approved URLS are often used for digital downloads or e-goods.  Note: while it is possible to sell from multiple domains with one 2Checkout account, the product level approved URL can only redirect to a page within the primary domain you are approved to sell from (you will be able to determine what this is within SITE MANAGEMENT under Company Information.)

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Note that the primary URL* you are approved to sell from will be locked and you may only change this by contacting a 2Checkout representative to approve any requests for changes. If you wish to change the URL on your account please contact risk@2co.comn with your request.


EXAMPLE 3 - Using the x_receipt_link_url Parameter

The x_receipt_link_url parameter can be passed in using a form or a link (some third party shopping carts may also implement this).  The x_receipt_link_url parameter will override the return for both the SITE MANAGEMENT Approved URL and the Product Level Approved URL.  The x_receipt_link_url parameter can only redirect to the primary URL that you are approved to sell from (refer to the above example).

The x_receipt_link_url can be passed in by inserting it in to a form:
<input type=”hidden” name=”x_receipt_link_url” value=””>

The x_receipt_link_url can also be passed in by adding it to a link:

Note: all required parameters must be passed in and the full path of the link must be passed in with the required parameters as must post the data to the 2Checkout purchase page

Parameters sets for the can be found Here for the Plug and Play Parameters and Hosted Checkout Parameters

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For more information on the Return Process, please read: How Does the Return Process Work?

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