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What are 2Checkout's refund and dispute policies?


2Checkout requires all sellers to provide their refund policy regarding all products and/or services that are being offered.

The policy should be clearly posted and easy-to-understand.  During the application process you selected to either use a generic policy created by 2Checkout or your own custom policy.  Any changes to the policy can be done by logging into your 2Checkout Seller account, clicking on the ACCOUNT tab and then the SITE MANAGEMENT sub tab.

We request that the policy terms be included in our internal administration system so that we can notify any Buyer as to term changes that may be specific to a product or service. 

In most instances you will be notified as to any inquiry or complaint associated with the product you are supplying. If, however, 2Checkout determines that a failure to quickly cancel or refund a transaction would result in more harmful and costly chargeback procedures than it is likely that a refund or cancellation with be immediately transacted.

A chargeback is a forced refund from a bank/credit card provider. Each credit card provider has different policies and regulations regarding chargebacks.

Please contact 2Checkout’s Dispute Department at for further assistance. 

More information on chargebacks and how to minimize potential disputes can be reviewed in our Chargeback Articles:

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