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How does a chargeback occur?


An order is placed on one of our sellers' websites and the customer is billed. The account holder then calls their bank/credit card provider to dispute the charge(s). When the dispute is issued the bank/credit card provider takes the funds back from 2Checkout and returns those funds to the account holder. The bank/credit card provider notifies 2Checkout of the disputed charge(s). 2Checkout then notifies the Seller of the chargeback and removes the disputed funds from their account. The Seller then has the right to dispute the chargeback by emailing

The most common reasons for chargebacks are:

  • Account holder’s credit card number was compromised or used without the account holder’s permission.
  • Account holder does not remember the purchase or does not recognize the charge on their statement.
  • The customer mistakenly placed multiple orders.
  • The customer was not satisfied with quality of the product/service that was received.
  • The customer was advised that they would receive a full or partial credit and that credit was not successfully issued.
  • The recurring billing was not stopped at the customer’s request.
  • The customer did not receive the product/service that they ordered.

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