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How do I create my user name and password?



The main username of your account cannot be changed, but you can change the password of the main user and create multiple users for your account. To create a new username you will log in using this URL: After you have logged in, you will then click the ACCOUNT tab on the homepage. On the ACCOUNT page you will click the USER MANAGEMENT sub tab, then click on + Create Username on the left hand side To change the password of the main user in the Admin, on the USER MANAGEMENT page click the Change Password link.



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Creating a username:


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A Username should have Admin - Basic Editing - Financial Read Only & Financial Editing checked off and enabled
NOTE:  There is no need to check off API Access and API Updating

Please note: When creating usernames and passwords for your account the following rules will apply.

  • Username: Must be 6 to 32 characters in length and can include letters, numbers and other characters, @, &, %, etc. However, it cannot contain the following characters: < or >. The username must also be available. If a username has been used by another user, or if a username has been used and deleted from your account, you will be unable to use that username.
  • Password: Must be at least 8 characters long using letters, numbers, and symbols (except ” ‘ [ ] { } < > ), containing at least:
- One lower case letter
- One upper case character
- One number


If you do not know the log-in information for your account, you will need to contact us through the Help Desk or call our Customer Support Center.

Help Desk:

Customer Service Support Center:
1-877-294-0273 toll-free in U.S. & Canada
1-614-921-2450 international callers
0871 284 4844 UK and Northern Ireland

For more information about Seller area access continue reading: User Management

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