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How can I email the buyer a link to make payments?


The REQUEST INVOICE feature exists primarily for invoicing purposes where it may be necessary to bill for a product or service that does not have a static price, or the final sales price is unknown.

REQUEST INVOICE can also be utilized for billing for excess server time for web hosts, or for services that need to be billed in addition to the product/pricing structure hard-coded via 2Checkout’s product listing.

To create an invoice you must have a product set-up in the PRODUCTS tab of the Seller Area. The price on the product can be set to any amount as you will be entering the actual payment amount when creating the invoice.

To issue a payment request please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the SALES tab near the top of your account homepage.
  2. Click on the REQUEST INVOICE sub-tab in the Sales menu.
  3. Fill out each field on the ‘Request For Payment’ page as they are listed below.
  4. Your Invoice Number- number you will use to identify the invoice.
  5. Relevant Web Site- The website that is providing the product or service (optional).
  6. Product- You must use the drop down menu to select the product that is being ordered (Invoices cannot be sent for recurring products so they will not display on this menu).
  7. Payment Amount- The total price of the invoice.
  8. Payor Name- The customer's name.
  9. Payor Email- The customer's email.
  10. Subject of Email- Message to the buyer in the subject line of the email.
  11. Payor Email Language- Select the language in which the email will be sent to the buyer.
  12. Use the Comment box to add any additional comments you wish to include in the invoice such as a list of products being ordered or description of the payment (optional).
  13. Click on the ‘Submit Request’ button to send the invoice.
  14. Review the example email that will be sent to the buyer.
  15. Click the orange Back button to make any edits to the email OR click the orange Send button to send the email to the buyer and a copy to yourself.

NOTE:  A Product must be created in order to send an invoice.  The name and price of this product is irrelevant because you will be sending out a custom amount and description.

For more information on creating a product, please read How to Create a Product

The Customer is sent an email with all the billing information and a link to the checkout routine. Once the customer completes the order with their payment information, the sale will be logged to your account and an email notification will be sent to you and the customer.

Please Note: If you are using the purchase link provided in the invoice to send your own email please be sure to copy it directly from the invoice and not from your browser’s address bar. Sending the customer a link from your address bar can cause session tracking issues that may negatively affect your account.

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