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Can I have more than one passback URL?


Yes, it is possible to use multiple passback URLs, or Approved URLs, with our system. This will allow you to control where a buyer and sale parameters are returned after a successful sale.

If you are using our free Plug and Play system, you may set an account level Approved URL on the SITE MANAGEMENT page in your account. This URL will be used on any sale where a product level Approved URL isn't specified or where the Approved URL isn't passed in on the fly as discussed below.

You may also set product level Approved URLs by adding the URLs to the products themselves in your 2Checkout account. You may specify a different Approved URL for each individual product that you have created in our system. These URLs will override any URL set on the Site Management page. We will then use the product level URL to return the customer to when it is purchased.

Using product level approved URLs can conflict with the return features that we have available. The “Direct Return” and “Header Redirect” methods will make the customer skip the Order Processed page and go directly to your approved URL. We can only return the customer to one page at a time, so when product level approved URLs are used, the immediate redirect is disabled for sales with more than one product. The customer will then be presented with a list of the products or services they purchased along with their respective “Download/Customize” buttons to click on our Order Processed page. More information on the return process and supported parameter sets can be found in the Related Articles at the bottom of the article.

Another option for users of the Plug and Play shopping cart would be to use the x_receipt_link_url to pass the Approved URL in on the fly with the other sale parameters.*

If you are using a third party cart or script, or a custom cart or script, then multiple return URLs may still be used. However, unlike the Plug and Play cart, we are only able to return a buyer to a single URL after a sale. You may set an account level Approved URL on the Site Management page and all buyers will be returned to that page. For sales where the buyer needs to be redirected to a URL other than the Approved URL set in Site Management, you may use the x_receipt_link_url parameter to control to where the customer is returned. This parameter will override any Account level Approved URL set in your 2Checkout account.*

Please note: Some third party and custom carts utilize the 2Checkout Plug and Play cart parameter set. If your cart does utilize the 2Checkout Plug and Play cart parameter set you will be able to specify product level approved URLs and have buyers redirected to those approved URLs. If your cart isn't passing in product_id parameters and do not require you create products in your 2Checkout account, then you are not using the Plug and Play cart parameter set.

*IMPORTANT: For security reasons, the value passed in with the x_receipt_link_url parameter MUST match the domain that is listed on your 2Checkout account. You would then need to design your purchase cart or script to pass this parameter into our system along with the appropriate value for that sale.

For more information on setting up the passback URL, please read: How Does the Return Process Work?

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